“What if?”

Recently at our Flip the Script meeting, someone new to the group shared an idea that was fueled by the thought “What if?”. What if I don’t do it? Would I regret not doing it?

I remember having this thought back when I was working for a bank. What if I don’t set up my company and work for myself? How would I feel looking back one day knowing I had the opportunity but I did not do anything about it? It was not the main driver but it certainly played a part. I remember thinking to myself that if I went for it, I could face my 80-year-old self and say I gave it shot, no matter what the outcome. 

As human beings, we are very good at justifying our situations. We make up excuses why we aren’t doing something, why we don’t have time, why something else is more important, etc. Most of the time these are honest and valid reasons. However, if we find ourselves using these reasons all the time, deep down we know they are excuses. Simply put, we may be afraid of whatever we want to do not working out or the unknown of it actually working out. 

It’s times like this where we need to be honest with ourselves and ask is it really that important or is it time to let it go? Life is too short to have regrets so if we really want to do something, what will it take for us to make it happen?

What if we went for it?