Stop trying to do everything”

I was thinking about Tuesday night. I had my Kung Fu lined up and a mastermind call. I sat there working out the logistics of getting to my class and wondering whether I should leave early or just dial into my call in the car on the way home and listen….

All these logistics were running through my head. Honestly, it was a bit too much. I took a deep breath and made a decision. I decided not to go to my Kung Fu that night. I hate letting people and myself down but the mastermind group on a Tuesday was a one-off event.

It wasn’t easy but it was the right decision for me. It sounds simple but I know myself and often I want to do everything but then my mind is all over the place. I know I would have been watching the clock, running to the car, half-listening, half figuring out what they had said before I joined since I would be late to the call. See, just reading or listening to this is tiring right?

This is where I told myself to stop trying to do everything. When I gave myself this permission, I was way more relaxed. I even went for an evening walk before the mastermind call started, I could be present and really benefit from the time together. It was worth it.

Do you try to do everything all the time? Is it time to stop?

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