My Rocketbook notepad was full, my calendar was full, my mind was full. I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I found myself constantly thinking that I was forgetting something. Ever felt like that?

As we are moving countries next year, there’s been a lot of things to think about. There’s finding a school, leaving our home, finding a home, immigration and more. It got to the point where my mind felt like it had reached capacity.

That’s when I needed to remind myself of productivity tools – I did a big brain dump where I listed as much as I could. I knew it wasn’t quite everything but it was a good start. I brainstormed with my mastermind buddies to see if they could think of anything and I consulted moving checklists. This helped a lot as it wasn’t swimming in my head.

Next, I had the feeling that my brain could only work on one thing at a time. Only once that task was complete, could I move on to the next. It’s like the second thing didn’t even exist until the first one was done.

I looked over the list and deliberately started to outsource and delegate work. I knew I had to clear some space otherwise it would be too overwhelming. I’ve also started to say no to certain events that I normally would have gone for. 

There’s still a lot on but it’s starting to feel more doable again. What do you do when you reach capacity? I’d love to hear from you.