“I regret to inform you…”

I was recently in tears as I read the email informing me we couldn’t get a place at the school for my son that we wanted. I had set my sights on this little school and when I got the email, I was filled with shock, disappointment, and dismay. We had even been looking for homes near the school.

Fortunately, I was with some close friends when I got the news as we were going to spend the weekend together. Over the weekend, the news slowly sunk in and by the end of the weekend, I was ready to start looking for schools again. 

When I first got the news, I was gutted but after giving it some thought, it showed me that rejection isn’t always a bad thing. It made us start digging a bit deeper for the right school, one that would be more suitable. This first school had been the easy option, the one where we hadn’t had to think too much and now it was time to look properly. 

How many times have we been rejected by something only for something better to come along? Perhaps it’s been a rejection from a job, a potential partner, or a business opportunity. At the time, it’s always rather painful but with some time and hindsight, you can often find some lesson from it. 

Call me an optimist (because I am one) because I’m sure we will find something that is right. Rejection doesn’t have always have to be bad.