It’s easy to think you’ll only spend a couple of minutes scrolling through Facebook, only to realize half an hour later, you are still there.

I used to find myself scrolling through Facebook until I got to the last post I had read. Crazy eh? Do you know how long that can take? WAY TOO LONG and it was totally unnecessary.

I decided to take drastic measures. I put in Facebook Eradicator (1) on my computer. Basically, it takes out the news feed wall and replaces it with an inspirational quote. If I decide to use Facebook, I have to go directly into a group or person to find out what is going on with them. It really helped me by removing all the chatter.

If I want, I can still access the wall through my phone but now I’m consciously accessing it and not being bombarded with it the moment I open Facebook. It was one of the best decisions to remove it from my work computer.

If you find yourself getting annoyed when you aren’t getting through what you want to get done, reflect on where your time is going. Think about how you can remove the distraction. If it’s a website, you can block sites or restrict access times or even turn off your wifi. If it’s a person, you can limit your interactions to certain times or ask them to stop.

So what is distracting you?


Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook (Chrome plugin)