In my old company,… more than 100 times and I’m not exaggerating. It’s almost a rite of passage being an entrepreneur.

Many of you have seen the rollercoaster picture of the ups and downs of an entrepreneur (1). It’s so true, when you are high, nothing can touch you being up there in space with music blasting loudly and when you are low, all it takes is the smallest thing, an unsubscribe, a comment, a frown to have you burst into tears and scrambling for the exit, cursing and questioning everything.

Recognise what I am talking about? Once you’ve been through the highs and lows a few times, you come to almost expect it and come down from the highs and up from the lows a bit quicker.

It helps to know that this is normal, so reach out and talk to a fellow entrepreneur when you’re feeling bad and there are days that we do. Most often, your friend has been through the same so can relate, offer some advice, listen and hear you so that you can get it off your chest. Get it out of your system, rant, fume, moan, do what you need to do and hopefully you’ll feel better.

For me, when I expect a certain behaviour, it doesn’t feel so bad so I can enjoy the highs and know that the lows won’t be forever. If you’re currently going through a low, I hope this helps.


Image by Derek Halpern

1) Entrepreneur.com: What a day in the life of an entrepreneur actually looks like