A friend asked me if anyone was reading my blog. He asked if I got many likes or comments. I thought it was a funny question because I know there are people out there reading who don’t hit the like button or comment but they are still reading.

What has been super nice is when I’ve seen people in person and they have told me they have seen some blogs. I’ve also been surprised as I have received comments from areas I wouldn’t expect. A Mum from a playgroup my son goes to started asking about my business.

More recently, thanks to posting on LinkedIn, I’ve had some people sign up for discovery calls. So even if there may not be many likes or comments, I realize I’m building awareness about what I do. I’m putting myself out there, being seen and heard slowly.

What has worked well is the consistency of producing daily blogs. Not everyone reads everything and I wouldn’t expect them to. There is content there to be read and people catch a blog here and there on topics that interest them.

Sometimes we place too much pressure on things “having” to deliver results. If we can take the pressure off, enjoy the process and see where it leads us, it can be much easier. So even if it isn’t obvious with likes and comments that people are seeing your work, I’m convinced it doesn’t go unnoticed. Have faith.