I was very inspired speaking to a good friend this weekend. She plans to join Business Network International (BNI) (1) in Swiss German. Although I’m not a member, I know of the BNI group from the UK. The network has one member from each industry and encourages referrals to each other. I know people who have been very successful within this network.

As a wannabe Swiss German speaker myself, I’m impressed that she has taken the leap and gone for it, knowing that her Swiss German will develop as she participates more.

You know I’m part of Toastmasters, but did you know that I’m part of a lunchtime trilingual club? (English, German and French). The club wants people to be able to speak at least 2 of the languages. I’ve often stuck to English because it’s so much easier. Recently, I took a basic role of Timer and did it in German. I realized that I really had to plan ahead and prepare even though I only spoke for a few minutes. During, it was a bit awkward but afterwards, it felt good that I had done it. Other members started speaking in other languages too.

Are we ever ready for anything? Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and trust that we will learn even though it feels DAMN uncomfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows this magic to happen.


1) BNI: https://www.bni.swiss/de