Last night, I went to a wonderful goodbye party for my friend Michelle. She is about to leave the country after living in Switzerland for 13 years. She gathered a group of amazing women to celebrate. There were some beautiful rituals to help her remember her time here and pave the way for new adventures ahead. It was captivating and emotional for those that were there.

I must say I love rituals. They’re a good way to acknowledge a transition, give thanks for what was and prepare you for what is ahead. They can be for big events in your life, such as marriage, birth, moving countries and they can also be for everyday activities such as preparing yourself for the day.

It made me wonder what the difference between a routine and a ritual was and one definition said it was the attitude behind the action taken. A ritual is viewed as a more meaningful practice with a real sense of purpose.

There is a popular book called The Morning Miracle (1) which talks about developing a ritual in the morning to start your day with the most effect. The author has 6 steps: SAVERS – Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Read and Scribing (Writing). It can be done in as much time as you give it, from 6 minutes to an hour if you wanted. The idea is to have a dedicated time for self improvement each day. What a wonderful way to start the day.

What rituals do you have in your life?


1) Miracle Morning