When I was younger, it would be rare for me to book a full board accommodation holiday. I would prefer being able to cook for myself or have the flexibility of trying different restaurants. Now with a young child, I can see the value of full board accommodation. As I don’t eat out as much as I used to, I highly value not having to cook on holidays. I can feel some of you mums or dads out there nodding with me.

We value different things at different stages of our lives. What we may have once felt was too expensive may now be right for us for different reasons.

If you have clients that say your services are too expensive, you can ask them what they compare this to. What is important to them? Saving time? Having access to an expert? Getting quality advice? How much do they spend on a week away on vacation? How does that compare now?

And anyway, no matter what you charge, whether you charge 47 CHF or 50K CHF, it will be too expensive to someone and too cheap to someone else.

Not everyone is your client. When I could really take in this statement, I could relax because it’s true. I’m not everyone’s client either so why would everyone be mine.

Turn it around and ask yourself what you value? What are you willing to pay for?