Can you do a handstand?

My accountability partner Mike turned up this morning with a strange looking device. It looked like a sledge and a stool. He brought it as a prop for his Toastmaster speech.

When you turn up with such a thing, of course I wanted a demo. So he found a wall and proceeded to turn himself upside down. How cool is that!

He shared that as a child he was fascinated by acrobats and how they flew through the air with backflips. That was something he wanted to do.

Over the last years, he wanted to pay his body more attention. He thought about where to start and decided on a handstand. He tried them however felt unstable and uncomfortable. After searching Instagram for videos, like magic 😉 Facebook started showing him ads for a Feetup (1).

He bought it to get more comfortable being upside down. He’s been using it every day for the last two months. Just a couple of minutes a day and look where he is. He can straighten his legs. The next step will be without the Feetup.

What I love about Mike’s story is that he dreams of doing something. He searched for help and the resources appeared. Through daily consistent use, he can see and feel the progress. Taking it one step at a time, he is moving towards his dream.

Where do you want to make progress?


1) Feetup device