“Even filling in their survey was fun”

Last year, I bought a couple of personalized children’s books from Librio (1). I’ve been so impressed by their communication, it’s both entertaining and out of the box.

Here’s what caught my attention…

1) Their About Page is written in rhyme (2)

2) Black Friday Offer – they told me they were giving me nothing. Instead, for every book that I buy, they would donate 3 to the charity RoomtoRead. (2) This was different from all the other Black Friday emails I was receiving so got my attention.

3) They sent a survey, which had jokes, word puns, pictures, even early exits and an attractive prize draw.

4) After the survey, they asked about referring them to friends and as a reward, you would get a free book. They had an honest answer to the question how they could give books away for free. They told of how startups spend a lot of money getting the attention of clients and rather than spend it on social media, they wanted to give it to the person referring.

Now you may say; “Selina, it’s a children’s book company, they can be lighthearted and fun, I can’t do that in my business”

Even if we can’t take on the whole tone, there are aspects that we can learn from. We’re human beings, we’re not robots, we’re allowed to have some fun too.

How can you make your communication so enticing that people are happy to engage with you?


1) Librio – Note: I’m not an affiliate, I’m just super impressed by them.
2) About Us poem (Here’s a blog post I wrote previously about this)
3) RoomtoRead Charity