“A Facebook page is the minimum. Then you can do Facebook lives using your blog posts”.

Sometimes you just need to hear someone say it out loud. I had been thinking about how to expand my business’s reach and had been considering whether I should go with Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

I was on my regular bi-monthly mastermind group with Sigrun (1) and was telling the group how I felt I was getting carried away with wanting to offer an online course but felt I needed to go back to basics and build up my funnel instead.

A mastermind group is where a group of people get together to help one another. Let’s say there are 4 of you and you have an hour together, you will all get 15 minutes each on the “hotseat”. You can ask about what you are working on and where you need help. The others give you advice, contacts, recommendations, etc. to help you forward. The hotseat rotates to the next person.

I’ve been part of free and paid mastermind groups for many years and for me, I know they work. I always move forward in some way, even if it is just to hear myself verbalise my own issue. I always feel energized knowing how I am going to take my next step.

If you haven’t tried masterminding before, I highly recommend them. Create your own group or consider joining a paid one.


(1) Sigrun.com – The mastermind group I belong to