I used to find it easier to sell other people’s services rather than my own. Maybe that is why my last business Curious Courses was about presenting other speakers and their businesses. For me, it comes back to being told as a child to not show off and not blow my own trumpet. But when you have your own business, you want to tell people what you do otherwise they won’t know.

My friend Astuti and I have been giving monthly short workshops on different topics to show what we can do with Rapid Transformational Therapy. They are 1.5 hours long, at lunchtime and are based in Central, Zurich.

We spend the first part going through how the mind works and then we explore the beliefs people have around the topic. These we flip into more positive and uplifting ones. We then guide the participants into a hypnotherapy session to give them a feel for the work we do, guiding them back to three scenes to help them understand why they feel the way they do about the topic. They are given an audio recording to listen to for 21 days to reprogram the mind with the new positive beliefs.

What can you do to showcase your services? How can your clients experience what you have to offer?

You can find our workshops on the “Event page”. Come and experience our services 😉