I have a favourite button. It changed my relationship with email.

In the past, I would open my email and be bombarded with a page of unanswered emails. It stressed me out. It was particularly annoying when I wanted to send an email and instead I would start looking at my new emails and even start answering them before I sent my email.

Now those days are gone. Now I have a lot more control over how I access my email thanks to a Chrome Extension called “Inbox when Ready” (1). When I open my email now, I see a button that says “Show Inbox” and a blank wall. It’s a bit like the Facebook Eradicator (2) I mentioned in a previous blog but for email.

I only see my inbox when I want to, when I have time and when I am ready. Then I click the Show Inbox button.

It’s so easy to get lost in your email if you are not careful so being able to specify when you access your inbox can make a big difference. It can help you concentrate on doing deeper work without being interrupted.

It’s a free software but I love it so much I even became a Patron (3), supporting the creator.

Think about what’s stressing you, where you are losing time and possibly procrastinating. What measures can you take to look after yourself?


1) Inbox when Ready
2) Facebook Eradicator Blog Post
3) Patron of Inbox when Ready through Patreon