I’m happy my husband suggested the offsite. It gave us a chance to discuss what was important for us individually and together. We already know roughly how our next offsite is going to look.

First of all, we already have a date set in 3 months time. We will book a room again; it was great to be away from our usual environment. It was a small investment and totally worth it to change our frame of mind.  

We will go through the wheel of life again to see what has changed over these next months. Then we’ll go through the progress made on the 3 tasks we specified. In theory, they should all be done, let’s see what happens in practice. 

There were 1.5 days scheduled for this offsite. Next time, we reckon we can cover it in a day, as we know what the agenda will look like. We won’t need to create from scratch and can update the existing roles and responsibilities and calendars.

We have a lot planned for the next few months and we’re feeling confident it will get done. Personally, I’ve found it much easier talking it through with someone. I’m quickly coming to an answer but then again, I know I’m a verbal processor. Let’s not forget to have some fun too. It was really enjoyable. 

Are you planning an offsite too? Please share with me your ideas on what to include in your offsite program.