A few of my fellow entrepreneurs have mentioned that my blog post about virtual assistants (VAs) got them thinking about working with VAs themselves.

They often say they don’t know what tasks to delegate. I have been in the same situation so I know what it’s like. Often people think they are quicker to do a task than to train someone and yes, you often are but this doesn’t help in the long run. In order to free up your time, you need to invest some time training and handing over. You’ll be happy once you do it.

One of my aims for this year is to become more efficient. You know I have been blogging daily for a while now. I’ve wanted to batch write them and haven’t managed so far. I work better with deadlines so I have decided to batch write the week’s blogs and work with a VA to put these on my site, schedule them in Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and create my draft newsletter. This way, I have a deadline with someone waiting for my input. I started writing a document detailing the process that we can both modify so that it becomes easier and easier.  

It’s important to find a VA you like and trust, so take the time to work with a few to see who you get along with and what skills they have. One day, you will look back and be grateful that you took the step and started working with VAs.