What if your teacher called your test a “learning celebration”?

I’m listening to an audiobook called the Positive Shift  by Catherine A. Sanderson and one idea I loved from it is where the author explained how a professor called a test a learning celebration.  

He would bring in sweets and decorate the room to give a party feel for the day. The students performed better and they had a more positive association with the event. 

I thought this was a brilliant idea as a “test” tends to conjure up words like scary or pressure or fear. Whereas a “learning celebration” brings up words like party, fun, excitement.

We all face things we don’t want to do, so what if we could come up with another word to describe them to help propel us forward.  

Instead of saying “I’m cleaning my flat”, you could say “I’m making my home more beautiful”. What about replacing “I have to exercise” – “I’m off to feel fitter”? Instead of “I’m doing my accounts”, you could “celebrate your profits”. And with completing your tax returns, you could “finish your contribution to society overview”  – hehe 🙂 . By painting the tasks with a different brush, we start feeling different about the task at hand. 

Let’s have more learning celebrations in our lives. Now please share some ideas you have so we no longer have “boring tasks” or “things we do not want to do”. Any ideas?


1) The Positive Shift by Catherine A. Sanderson