Years ago, I introduced a speaker to speak at a Fortune 500 company. The topic was “Trusting your intuition”. I remember there being a strong reaction with some people even suggesting it shouldn’t be allowed. I was honestly surprised as personally I thought it was a great topic. The talk went ahead under a different title and it was well received.

I was surprised because I know a lot of people who trust their intuition, especially people at senior levels in companies. They may not call it that, rather saying they “trust their gut” or “the data” but more often than not they are combining their decision making with a number of factors including their intuition.

Do you trust your intuition? I’ve come to trust mine more and more, for example, which partners and clients to work with, who to trust and how to proceed with my business. I haven’t always though and often in these circumstances, it’s come back to bite me. So now I pay more attention.

One of the most practical ways I have seen for honing your intuition is Marie Kondo’s work (1). She asks people to see if something “sparks joy” for them and how it feels in their body. Essentially, she is getting them to listen to themselves and by going through the whole household, they practice and practice until it becomes second nature what feels right and what doesn’t.

What does your intuition tell you?


1) Konmari Method