My teacher Marisa Peer offers a service where you can list your website on her “Find a therapist” page. It’s been on my list to do for a while, so by writing this post, I have gotten off my rear end and listed myself. This will allow people to find me in Switzerland.

It made me wonder why I hadn’t listed myself earlier. It came down to one of those “Important but not urgent” tasks on my list and when I don’t schedule the time in my calendar, it doesn’t happen.

Another reason is putting myself out there. Whilst there are of course genuine clients out there, there are also people that aren’t and I guess I was partly protecting myself from dealing with them. When we try to protect ourselves from everything, we also miss out on opportunities as well so I took a deep breath and listed myself.

Do you belong to an organization or know of a platform where you can list your services? It can be your old school, company, an alumni organization, chamber of commerce, club you belong to, Meetup group, LinkedIn page, Facebook group, market place, portal or something else.

Think about where your ideal clients would look for you and let them find you more easily.