A woman was hosting a workshop but when she turned up to the room, no one showed up. Instead of turning around and going home, she gave the workshop to the empty room.

I can’t remember who told me this story but it always reminds me to show up and do my part. We cannot decide what others do but we can decide what we do. How we show up in life.

Earlier this year, I won an Area Contest as part of Toastmasters. There were quite a few participants competing but they were competing as part of another Area. I was the only participant in my area and as long as I stuck to the time limit, I would go through. I still practiced and practiced that speech and gave it my all. I won – because I showed up.

“80% of success is showing up” This quote is attributed to Woody Allen when he was addressing young playwrights. He observed that once a person actually completed a play or novel, they were well on their way to getting it published or produced, compared to the vast majority who told him their ambition was to write but struck out at the very first level.

Where can you show up in your business? Perhaps it’s time to get to those networking events, strut your stuff on social media or write that book you’ve always wanted to do. Time to show up.


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