I turned up at the American Women’s Club workshop week to give my Show me your true calling workshop. The organizer said, “Didn’t you get my email?” “No, I didn’t” “I’m sorry – no one signed up for your workshop” “Ok, that’s fine”. 

When I first started organizing courses many years ago, I would be utterly disappointed if this had happened, questioning my self worth and value. After years of stressing about things like that, I am way more relaxed and things like this do not bother me anymore. I know my self worth and value and it’s not linked to whether someone signs up for a course or not.

There were a couple of ladies standing by the desk who turned around and said they would join and asked if I still wanted to give it? I said sure, let’s do it. I’m a big believer that there are no coincidences and we had a really nice intimate session together. Since there were only two of them, everyone opened up and shared honestly. In some ways, I felt this workshop was meant for them.

What people see from the outside is often a façade, a pretty picture, what they want you to see. Like with a lot of social media, it’s the holiday pictures, the achievements yet no one talks about when things don’t go as expected. Sometimes workshops fill up and sometimes they don’t. And whichever one it is, it’s ok ☺