Do you swear in your business? I’ve always wondered if there is a place for this in business. Tony Robbins swears a lot. I attended his Unleash the Power Within workshop (UPW) a few years ago and to be honest, I was a little shocked.

He says he does it intentionally – in order to shock the system. To unnerve people for a split second so that the message he actually wants to say goes in. I can see how that would work. Swearing can be used to add impact, emphasise a point, and drive it in further. 

I personally don’t swear very much, however, I have been known to use it in sessions with my clients. Some of my clients need to get things out of the system and occasionally, expletives play a part. To say things out loud that have been bottling up for possibly years.  It brings a different energy, a strong oomph that’s needed at times.

Does it have a place in business? Yes if the occasion suits and it makes sense. And if that is how you express yourself naturally. If you don’t normally swear, it can come across as fake or forced, so see where it would help your cause forward.

To swear or not to swear? It’s up to you.