A friend was telling me that she heard a good technique about incorporating more exercise into your day. Every time you brush your teeth, you do an exercise. Every time you go and make a cup of tea, you add 10 squats, every time you go to the fridge, you do 10-star jumps, every time you visit the bathroom, you do 10 lunges, etc. You get the idea.  

It doesn’t sound like much but we often do all of the above things regularly throughout the day, so let’s say you go and make yourself a cup of tea three times during the day, that 30 squats more than before which is 210 squats by the end of the week, plus all the other exercises and now we’re talking.

It’s often the small things that sound insignificant but with time, it can turn into something that really makes a difference. At first, you may need to stick reminders up otherwise it’s easy to forget but later you may start doing it automatically.

I love seeing how such things can be translated into the business world. What could you do there? Perhaps after posting your own article on LinkedIn, you always like or comment on 5 other articles before going about your daily business. What about deleting 5 emails every time you go into your inbox. You get the idea. 

Where can you add something easy yet beneficial into your daily schedule?