Congratulations to my husband Henrik on your wonderful gym. With a few friends, we celebrated the grand opening of his private gym in our cellar where he proudly conducted some tours. 

Back in February, my husband and I had a family offsite (1). We decided on 3 things we wanted to have done in 3 months time. One of the more interesting tasks was setting up a weight lifting gym in our basement. 

It’s been quite a journey for the family. (2) After the initial phase of clearing and sorting, we decided to check with professionals to see how much certain tasks would cost, for example installing a curtain and building the base. 

With the quotes, we decided which parts we would do ourselves and which we would engage their services. For the curtains, we decided to source them and work with a seamstress, which dramatically reduced the cost. With the building work, we found a wonderful team (3) who helped us with many things. Initially, we just wanted them to build the base but we also got them to paint the floor, build the rack and install the curtain rail. 

Within three days, it was ready. My husband bought some further weights, built his bench and started to train.

The gym has been something he’s talked about for a while. It is just amazing what can be achieved in a short space of time if you focus.

Let’s celebrate our achievements more.


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3) Handyman Service in Zurich