“You’re not allowed to leave the table until you finish your food”, “Let’s treat ourselves with cake”, “I stuffed myself with comfort food”

It is unbelievable how many layers there are to food. With clients, we often work on looking after ourselves so that includes our bodies. Besides regular exercise and sleep, food is usually a big topic.

We associate food with so many things.  It can be used to find comfort, to suppress our emotions, to reward ourselves and more. Many of us have memories of bonding around the dinner table. We associate cake and sweets with parties and celebrations. We stuff ourselves at Christmas.

Some of our family have felt the effects of war or going hungry so later compensate in life with bulging cupboards and fridges. We’re told not to waste food as other people in other parts of the world are not as lucky as us.

Just think about what your parents have told you around the dinner table and I’m sure you’ll come up with belief after belief around food. If we never question them, how do we know if they are supporting us or not?


The first step is to start becoming aware of your beliefs around food. What do you automatically reach for in the supermarket? What’s in your fridge and cupboards? What do you say to yourself and others at the dinner table?

Are those beliefs yours? Are they still relevant? You choose.