“Who’s that?” I ask my little boy and he says “Julie”. 

I was pointing at the self-portrait my good friend was exhibiting. I told her she’s done an amazing job since he immediately recognized who it was.

Last week, we visited the vernissage where Julie had a couple of her art pieces exhibited at the American Women’s Club. It was together with a number of other artists, all exhibiting wonderful pieces.

Over the years, she has produced a number of beautiful works and I believe her secret is down to consistency. Every Friday, she visits her art teacher and they discuss and work on her latest project. She then sets about working on her piece. 

She dedicates the time every week for this, she works with a professional and she is committed to working on her art. And she has something to show for it. I would say that it’s a wonderful form of expression for her, developing ideas, consciously taking action and creating them.

It just goes to show what is possible when you allocate your time. I often hear people say they want to do something like write a book or find their passion.

To take a leaf out of Julie’s book, set aside the time on a regular basis and consistently work on it. Before you know it, you will be in a place where you have something to show for it.

Congratulations Julie on producing such beautiful art!