“I just wipe it off and reuse the page”

My good friend Astuti was showing me her Rocketbook (1), a reusable notebook. The idea is, you write, you scan it and it automatically sends the pages to your tool of choice (like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, whatever you want). Then you are free to wipe the pages and reuse them.

I was inspired and decided to get one and try it myself. The Rocketbook arrived. It’s funny, even with small changes, there can be a bit of resistance to change the status quo. I’ve been using sheets of paper on my clipboard for quite a while so whilst you would think it would be easy, there were a few things I needed before getting started. 

First, I had to download the Rocketbook app and set it up. Fortunately, they have a great interface which makes it super easy. Then I had to make sure I was using Frixion pens (the ones you can erase) only. The difference between a normal notepad and this is that the pages are slightly shiny and the ink needs a moment longer to dry – good to know when you are turning the page as they may smudge a bit if you don’t wait.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and I must say I’m a happy convert! It’s great, I can erase, reuse and I’m certainly using less paper.

Trying to do my small part. How about you?


1) https://getrocketbook.com/