Some of you know my good friend Astuti Martosurdirdjo. We’ve been friends for many years and we’ve been running regular workshops together giving people a chance to experience Rapid Transformational Therapy. (1)

She has incredibly exciting news! She is one of 35 women who have contributed to a book called Ignite your life for Women (2). These are real women sharing pivotal moments in their life – real-life stories to help others, provide inspiration, encouragement, and support.  

Astuti experienced a Burn-out in 2008. Recently the World Health Organisation’s classified this as “Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” (3)

It is so timely for her story to be heard and for more people to openly talk about the subject. 

She is going to have a book launch on the 27th of June at the Birdhaus in Zurich (4). It is a free event where both Astuti and another co-author Deepanjali Sapkota will be part of a panel, describing their journey and opening the floor to discussions around their topics. They will be signing books and the book will be available to buy there with proceeds going to charity in Indonesia and Nepal.  

I am incredibly proud of Astuti and look forward to supporting her that evening. Hope you can join us. 


1) https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/events/

2) Ignite your Life for Women book

3) World Health Organisation – Burnout

4) Ignite your Life for Women Panel and Book Launch Event – 27th June 2019