Life is better with WiFi – I saw this on a kid’s t-shirt and it made me laugh. Then it got me thinking hence the question mark.

Is life really better? Ok, we can get technical and say WiFi is how we access the internet but when I saw the T-shirt, I was thinking internet.

With access to any information at the end of our fingertips anytime, it answers those dinner party questions, we no longer have to trek to the library, we save some trees destined to be encyclopedias (remember those? – you’re showing your age like me ☺) and we find what we need more easily.

On the flip side, we’re always connected. There’s no downtime anymore unless we consciously choose it. Those “dings” that single the arrival of a whatsapp or an email play on us, wanting us to immediately find out what’s going on. Work expects us to be available, family and friends too so when do we get to rest? 

It’s a big topic and I’ve just touched the surface. Jane Piper wrote a book “Focus in the Age of Distraction” (1) on helping people stay focused given all that’s going on around you. 

If I had to swing a direction, I’d probably say that life is better with WiFi. Anyway, it’s here to stay. That kid wearing the T-shirt was probably just thinking of his next gaming session.

So what do you think? Is life better with WiFi?


  1. Focus in the Age of Distraction, Jane Piper