10 mins, then 20 mins, then 30 mins.

Someone on my Go Go Go for your goals (1) course shared a method for overcoming procrastination. You know me, I like learning new techniques so was eager to try it out.

It’s called the Rotation Method from the book Stress-Proof your life by Elisabeth Wilson (1). She says she learnt it from a life coach Mark Forster. The idea is you make your list of tasks for the day and then write 10, 20 and 30 next to them.

So for example, “Pay bills 10, 20, 30, Create landing page 10, 20, 30, Write blog posts 10, 20, 30”. You set a timer for 10 mins and you work on the easiest task, so let’s say paying bills. Once your 10 mins are up, even if you haven’t finished, you move onto another task, the writing blog post one and you work for another 10 mins, followed by the landing page 10 mins. 

You then rotate back around with the bills for 20 mins. If there’s no more to pay, then move to the blogs for 20 mins, etc.

I like that it gets you started on all your tasks even if it’s just a little bit. What I found a bit different was that you are having to shift your focus and stop and start a lot. This might be something that you get used to. 

Definitely worth trying out, let me know how it goes.


1) Go Go Go for your goals course

2) Stress-Proof your life, Elisabeth Wilson