“This is your last day at daycare”

The daycare staff in our group are saying goodbye to 8 children this year to kindergarten, our son Lucas being one of them. The leader of the group said it’s hard for the kids to understand why the staff are so sad and saying goodbye all the time.

It’s rather emotional for us as parents too. These people have been amazing, they’ve looked after our little guy with love and care for quite a few years.

Lucas has been part of a forest daycare so has been in nature daily in all sorts of weather. When I recently went to pick him up early, I hiked up the Triemli hill and found myself huffing and puffing. I asked if the kids made it up themselves and they said yes, with backpacks and all. Even the really little ones. I was impressed. 

Sugar bombed this week, Lucas has had so many goodbye treats, from cakes to ice-cream to candy. With gratitude, we had our last meeting with the group leader. The group has received so many thank you gifts, baskets of apero food, wine, chocolate, balloons and more. It goes to show how thankful so many of the parents were.

It’s important to acknowledge transitions in life and give thanks and credit where it is due. To the amazing daycare staff at Güxi  – you have been the best group ever – THANK YOU!