Don’t get a second helping until you are done with your first. Most of us wouldn’t dish ourselves up a second helping of food until we were done with our first. Yet we do that all the time figuratively when it comes to working. 

We often have full work plates yet we continue to load things on until we overwhelm ourselves with what’s there. Has that ever happened to you? I know it’s certainly happened to me. 

Sometimes we can’t help ourselves. We’ve at an all-you-can-eat buffet and you want to try everything so you load your plate sky high with all sorts of tantalizing food. After a while, you find you can’t eat everything and find yourself feeling a bit sick and overwhelmed. Not wanting to waste food, you suck it up and end up feeling bloated and sick vowing never to do that again.

Then there’s your boss, rather like an overzealous grandma, piling your plate more and more until it starts to bulge. It’s not unheard of where people are expected to do more with fewer resources. This is where you need to look after yourself and firmly say when you have enough. They don’t always hear you the first time, so sometimes you need to take a stronger stance.

Best is to understand how much you can take at any one point before going back for more. Let’s not forget, there’s always a second stomach for fun (dessert).