I can’t understand it…

Last year, I took a Swiss-German course. It was just a couple of weeks in the morning and it did me wonders. In the past, every time I heard Swiss German, I would switch off thinking that I couldn’t understand.

The course gave me a few pointers here and there. The key I discovered was that I stopped blocking and telling myself I didn’t understand anything.

At the Sigrun Live event recently, I had an insightful conversation with Maria, who helps musicians understand that their body is their first instrument. I was telling her that I couldn’t sight read or sing back tunes. This was back in the day where I was learning to play the piano as a child and teenager.

It dawned on me that I was blocking myself, along with other times like when I have been telling myself I’m no good at geography or don’t trust my intuition in the way that others do.

It’s good to recognise that we are all different and have different skills but the learning for me was that if I want to develop an area, the first is to stop blocking it and saying I can’t and rather say something like “I’m developing skills in this area” or “I’m getting better at…”

The language is more inviting and welcoming and helps you to grow in a more relaxed way. See what happens when you change “I can’t…” into something else.