“People have no idea what I’m doing and probably think I’m crazy. I’m sat at home working on my own working away at my business.”

The lady’s comment echoed around the room. The people in the room nodded as it resonated with them. I nodded too.  It’s a common theme. As more people set up their own business, leaving the world of corporate, they often feel that people around them don’t get what they are doing.

It is a whole new world and can be a bit of a lonely one too if you are not careful. Which is why it is so important to find like-minded people to share your journey.

Like with most areas, people speak a certain lingo. In the world of online business, people start talking about launches and tripwires and ad conversions and more. 

When other people think of online business, sometimes they think of evergreen online courses. That is, you produce the course, you stick it on a webpage and people find it magically and you laugh your way to the bank. It’s like the fairytale story of finding a golden goose.

If only! Life doesn’t work like that though, we constantly need to put ourselves out there. That was why it was so great to attend my business mentor’s annual get together Sigrun Live (1), listening to the stories of how some launches went incredibly well and how others flopped.

Finding the tribe that speaks your lingo not only inspires but helps you feel understood.


  1. Sigrun.com