Recently I suffered from a cold. It’s the season for it, with the changes in weather and darker nights coming in.

I consider myself a naturally optimistic person, yet I found myself in a bit of a lull and slump. I couldn’t do what I normally wanted to do, I wasn’t in the mood and just wanted to curl up.

My friends often think I am busy. Too busy even. Filling my calendar with back to back meetings and more. When I stopped for a moment, I also asked myself was I being busy for being busy sake or was I being truly productive? My answer wasn’t clear. Sometimes I find myself in the loop of being busy because that is what I have become accustomed to.

Being under the weather, I cancelled some things and others got cancelled around me. It gave me some time to take a step back and consider what is important.

I spoke to my accountability partner and he reminded me that we work in cycles and there will be lulls, a time where we can take stock.

It was good to be reminded. I took the time to do some decluttering and to do some nothing. Really? Nothing? It’s not easy for me, I’m simply not used to it. Was it procrastination? No, I wasn’t putting off anything, I was being conscious about doing nothing.

I came to terms with being in a lull. Have you ever felt this way?