As I write this, I’m off to my mastermind group meetup, this time in Bern. It’s the quarterly meetup in person (1). We were recently asked by our business mentor to to give feedback as to how the mastermind group had gone.

We’ve been happy as a group, meeting every Friday for a couple of hours online for more than a year. I was late joining the group and when I joined, they told me that they had decided that they also wanted to meet up in person every quarter. I thought it was a good idea so went along with it. 

Our business mentor was impressed by our feedback and asked us to share our best practices. After telling her what we did as a group, the consistent regular meetings, in person meetings, spontaneous jump on calls, structure, how different we all were, she came up with what she felt was the secret glue. Commitment. 

We had all made a conscious decision to be committed to helping one another during our mastermind time together. We turned up to all our meetings without question, only exceptions were for travelling or family emergencies. 

We all thought this was normal but apparently not. Not all the groups were able to stay together and be as focused as we had. This surprised us as we simply followed the rules.

When you commit to something, you feel the difference – where are you committed?


  1. https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/77-at-our-mastermind-get-away/