“Try to shock one another”

I recently had lunch with a dear and wonderful coach I used to work with. She’s a fountain of deeper knowledge and I was telling her that I was about to have a family offsite with my husband. This will be the second time we have done it and we were really happy with our last one. 

At our last offsite, one of the most concrete and tangible outcomes was the creation of my husband’s gym which I wrote about before (1). We typically give ourselves 3 tasks in 3 months. 

As I was telling her about what’s happening with the family and school for my little boy, she asked if I had considered living somewhere else to accommodate the family needs. She must have seen my face, it must have been a combination of “Hah? Move away?” and  “No way” and “You’re kidding right?”

She suggested that on our offsite we do some outrageous thinking. We didn’t necessarily have to act on it, just have the conversations to broaden our horizon. It’s easy to get used to our creature comforts, our usual habits and having such a conversation would jolt things up a bit to help decide what we really wanted.

We tried it out, trying to shock one another with bigger and more outrageous suggestions. We realized it’s a good exercise in thinking big. It quickly helped us identify what was important from the list too. 

Try it out, do some outrageously thinking for yourself.


  1. https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/148-see-how-far-you-have-come/