A few months ago, I set an intention to speak more in 2020 and as I plan the new year, I am happy to see more speaking gigs lined up.

Most of these opportunities are with companies or organisations I have spoken for in the past who have come back and asked if I would be interested in speaking again with them. 

Setting an intention is not a new concept yet still, I am often amazed by how effective it is. On the one hand, they say that by setting the intention, you are sending out a vibration, a frequency stating what you want, initiating the law of attraction.

On the other hand, once we get clear on what we want, we are naturally more open to seeing the opportunities rather than having them slide by without us noticing. It is also the projects I follow up on since that it is what I want to do too.

Some of my friends have asked me why I want to speak more. It’s quite a few reasons. I want to help curious and ambitious people live their vision, overcome procrastination and reach their goals and speaking for me is one of the best ways to get this message over. Speaking is one of the best mediums for me, as I get to create talks through writing and express them through speaking. It’s something I love doing.

What intention do you want to set for 2020?


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