If I got a penny for every time I heard “I’m working on my website” and that includes coming from myself, I would be a very well off lady

How many of you know what I mean? Yes, it can be rather daunting, putting a website out, writing your “About Me” page. I get it, I’ve been there too.

Yet, it is so much easier to tweak something that is out there in the world than holding back and trying to get it perfect yourself. By getting an outline done, you’re one step closer. Getting a friend to review it is another step, implementing the feedback is another, clients being able to see your site is another. You can always change it.

I find that the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes as in our minds, it becomes a bigger deal than it is. Ask any person who has a website whether they are happy with it and I’m pretty sure most will say it needs updating or some page needs changing.

Our website is like our online business card. It evolves with who we are and as we are constantly changing and adapting, it should come as no surprise that this will change.

If your website isn’t live yet and you want it to be, get a simple one-pager out there to get over the hurdle. Adding a new page won’t be as daunting. 

Please share your website with me with all its imperfectness