Are you for or against new year resolutions?

I know many people who don’t bother anymore because they know they will go at it full steam for a month and then slack and later get annoyed with themselves. It’s a common story. 

What are the alternatives to new year resolutions? There’s quite a few, so is this the year to try something different?

Some people pick a word or phrase for the year, like Courage, Peace or Step up. Whatever resonates with them and gets them to feel the way they want into the new year.

Others write a bucket list of things they want to do, say swim with dolphins, publish a book, skydive or visit a certain country.

Then there are people that have 30-day challenges where they pick something they will work on for the month. Say quit sugar, read for 30 minutes, exercise or draw every day.

You can always decide on something to measure, say budget, food or time because as they say, where your focus goes, energy flows and you are bound to see change.

Personally, I enjoy challenges, I’m not one to overly track or measure so it makes more sense for me to pick a 30-day challenge. Knowing what suits us best is key to seeing progress.

So what are you going for the next year? Remember its the start of a new decade