Perhaps you have heard of the 7-year itch for relationships where couples either make or break at the 7-year mark. The principle seems to apply to multiples of 7 as well, so 14, 21, 28, etc years.

I’ve seen strong couples go through turbulent times and it doesn’t surprise me when they say they’ve been together for a multiple of 7-years. What’s interesting is that this doesn’t seem to just apply to relationships but also to businesses and careers. 

In my last business, I was starting to rethink my business strategy around the 7-year mark and questioned whether I was enjoying it as much anymore. It took me another couple of years to finally change something as I discovered that I did want something different. 

There’s plenty of literature on the topic of handling the 7-year itch for relationships but what about for business or careers? The same principles apply…

Take the time to assess what you want. Ask yourself what attracted you to the job or business in the first place? What are you grateful for in the job/business? Let go of the need to have the “perfect” job/business. Start communicating about what could change or what new challenges can be taken up. Be honest with yourself.

Sometimes just by recognizing that it could be the 7-year itch already helps. It’s a good opportunity to reassess what you want from life.