A few years ago, I met Sigrun at a Desire Map book club meeting she was co-hosting. We knew each other from before but this was where I got to know her better. She got her very professional camera out and took some amazing photos of the group. She was starting out with her business and was thinking about how she could help people.

Fast forward 5 years and she is the owner of a million dollar business, yes, you heard me right, a Million Dollar Business! She started giving webinars, later mastermind groups, retreats and now, she has a highly successful business helping women grow their online business for long term success.

I joined Sigrun’s mastermind groups shortly after she started offering them and have been working with her ever since. She is so inspiring, constantly challenging and helping her clients grow.

She had a dream to organize a big live conference supporting women entrepreneurs and this year, she is making it a reality! I am so proud of her and happy to support her.

The Self Made Summit will be held on the 18th and 19th June 2020 at the stunning Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik in Iceland.

In fact, I was the first to buy my ticket for the Self Made Summit in Iceland. The moment the tickets became available, I was in. This is why…

1) Sigrun herself – The woman is amazing! She’s honest, direct and doesn’t make excuses. She is laser focused and tells you things as she sees it, helping you have major mindset shifts.

2) Live events – there’s something magical about going to live events where you get to rub shoulders with other people. You get to meet people that are going through a similar journey and connect in a much faster way.

3) Inspiring speakers – Sigrun has lined up some big speakers. In particular, I am really looking forward to seeing Denise Duffield-Thomas who wrote the books Get Rich Lucky Bitch and The Chillpreneur (which I am really enjoying).

4) Growth and learning – I always walk away from events with energy and a ton of new ideas and insights. I know what to implement in my business next and I meet role models who have done what I want to do.

5) Iceland – This is on my bucket list. My husband has been and I’ve always been a bit envious looking at the breathtaking scenery so it was always at the back of my mind that one day, I would go.

I am going with my mastermind group buddies and would love to meet you there too. Want to find out more about the Self Made Summit? – Find out here. There is an early bird offer until the 1st March 2020 so be quick. 🙂 Hope to see you there!