Years ago, when I got my first unsubscribe, I was gutted. I had spent days on writing my first newsletter so getting an unsubscribe was like having a knife in my heart. Sound dramatic? It was.

I want to blog about things that aren’t comfortable as well. Not everything about having your own business is sunshine and roses so let’s be open and talk about it. The more we do, the easier it becomes.

Nowadays, years later, I’ve had and given my fair share of unsubscribes. Rationally, I know it makes sense as we’re not a right fit for one another anymore. People evolve, businesses change and its good for both sides, yet it still gives me a twang.

If you’re the same, one of the easiest things is to take off being notified. For example, Mailchimp has a feature that sends you an unsubscribe notification – take it off. It’s ok to go in once in a while and check the size of your list and at least you do it on your terms, when you are ready.

I spoke to some entrepreneurs who have much bigger lists and they regularly go in and clean up their lists, removing people who have not opened their emails for 6 months or a year. It’s much healthier to do it this way, you’re not fooling yourself by thinking you have a bigger list than you do.

Start seeing unsubscribes as something healthy.