Here’s Part I if you missed it.

So where did I leave off? Taking control of my life after the crisis – that was what I decided to do. And what on earth did that mean? 

I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I thought perhaps it was time to study something that I was passionate about but what could that be? I didn’t really want to commit to something for a year or more not knowing if that was the right thing. As you can probably feel, there was a lot of uncertainty and doubt going on at the time.

Let’s see what is out there

I decided to go easy on myself. I started looking around seeing what other options there were, just to expand my horizons a tad.  I found the Professional Women’s Group and I looked at what Meetup had to offer. I liked the look of the Entrepreneur group so joined that. 

At the Professional Women’s Group, I joined a masterminding group called the Success group. Now it is called the Idea Generator Think Tank. I really enjoyed going to these sessions as it was really energizing. There would be hot seats where one of us would present something we needed help with and the others would all chip in giving help in the form of ideas, contacts, book recommendations, whatever that could help.  

One day whilst I was walking to work, I suddenly had an idea – first I had met a lot of small business owners which were experts in their own field and second, I wanted to find something to study. I put one and one together and thought “What if I get these small business owners to give a short course on their topic?” Then I can find out about lots of different things and see what I am passionate about.

I remember being super excited and when I got into work, I called my husband and told him about the idea. He was positive and said, “Go ahead, try it out and see”. In February 2010 I had my first course on Feng Shui, 2 months later it was Photography and 2 months later it was Healthy Eating and it continued.

I very quickly realized that I loved getting people together, I loved learning and having these aha moments. That was how my first business Curious Courses was created. 

I cannot believe that it’s more than a decade ago now. Life was very different then. Over the years, I have had so many adventures with Curious Courses, trying out lots of different topics and things along the way and I’m going to share more of this in the “There’s got to be more to life” series. 

Until the next one….