What’s the first thing you are going to do when we come out of lockdown? Fill in the gap.

Will you visit the lake? Will you go to the park and let your kids on the swings? Will you drive to the mountains? Or book your flight abroad?

I was thinking about this question myself and honestly, it’s the small things that I am missing, it’s the everyday stuff. Like going to the supermarket together as a family, visiting the zoo, being able to see my parents abroad, having friends over for dinner, join my kung fu class and more. 

It’s also seeing people, friends, colleagues and neighbours smile at one another again without the look of fear and connecting again in the manner we are used to. 

The time it has brought a lot of reflection for people too, wondering how they want their lives to go back to. We saw in the last crisis how people changed their lives, from stockbrokers leaving the world of finance to do something that gave them something more, to people downsizing their expenses, questioning what is really important for them. I feel that this will also do the same. 

It’s taking away the structure as we know it and whilst we will fall back into doing the things we want to do first, it will lead the way to what we want our futures to look like.

So what is the first thing you are going to do?