It’s easy to say we will do the work on our dreams but when it comes to the crunch, often something else takes priority – that something is often called “daily life”.

Here are some ways I have found that work for me to get work done (all these apply for whether you are working on your business, health, book, project or otherwise).

  • Attend a retreat – take yourself totally away from your daily life and give yourself a dedicated few days where you get to work on your topic of choice. Retreats are often in nice places (and if they aren’t, then you should upgrade your retreat choices 😉 ) 
  • Hire a coach or mentor – some of us need sounding boards from someone who has experience in this field or can shed some light on what you are doing. This is particularly useful if you find yourself getting stuck and not being able to move forward.  
  • Attend a workshop – I recently attended a boot camp from my business mentor and she had broken the day down into 2-hour slots where she taught us what to do, gave us a bit of time to do it and then we had to present it to a group at the end of each slot. There’s nothing like a bit of time pressure to get things done.
  • Carve out time in your daily structure – we know the principle but how many of us do it? Let’s say you really want to get your book written, both you and I know, no matter how much we want it, it doesn’t write itself so even just an hour a day will make such a difference.
  • Co-working – this can be in person where you hire a desk in a co-working space and get yourself there to have some dedicated quiet time. Virtual also works where you decide to log in with a friend and you both work on your own thing but have each other in the background, so you can’t slack ☺

So what appeals to you? It could be a combo of the above or one will jump out at you. Trust that that is the right one for you and do something about it, whether that’s looking something up on google or blocking time out in your calendar. Don’t let your dreams wait anymore.