Do you know what you want? Kids seem to know exactly what they want and often aren’t afraid to tell us. Recently my little boy asked for strawberries for breakfast… with chocolate ice-cream, then he said he wanted to go on a hot air balloon on Sunday. A minute later, he said we should go and see animals at the zoo. Then he wanted to go on an airplane to visit his grandparents and when I said the airport was closed, he suggested the car. 

He said this all with a big grin. I loved how expansive his thoughts were, really telling me what he wanted. As adults, we’re often so much more realistic or how best to phrase it…boring ☺. Maybe it’s because as children we are told, no we can’t do this or we can’t do that, so slowly we stop dreaming and thinking of all the amazing things we wanted to do.

As I write this blog post myself, it has me reflecting, how can I make some of these things happen so that he will continue to dream and do fun things as he grows up without his parents stifling everything with a no? 

Some things are easily organized, like strawberries for breakfast. Hot air balloon – what a fantastic idea and something I would love to do too, let’s see what it takes and in the meantime, let’s pretend. For the animals at the zoo, we started watching elephants at watering holes on live cams (1) and although not quite the same but until further notice, we “visited” the grandparents on Facetime.

Let yourself dream like a child. What do you want to do? And what happened to the chocolate ice-cream? Dessert after dinner, hey sometimes you still need to wait for the things you want .


  1. https://explore.org/livecams