I’m a big believer in following signs. I often get them as a thought that won’t leave until I do something about it. Call it gut instinct, call it woo woo, call it whatever you want. They always lead me down a path that feels right for me.


I woke up early recently and had a thought that I should tell Lauren Scalf (1), an Intuitive Business Mentor and one of my mastermind group buddies, about my Become a profitable six-figure business owner workshop that I have been running and send her the audio recording that came with it. It felt a bit out of the blue from my side but as I said, these thoughts don’t leave until I do something about them.


She was happy to receive it and started listening, uncovering things that were holding her back. We all have things that are holding ourselves back, it’s about becoming aware of them, then we can change the pattern.


A few weeks later, Lauren told us about her Your Business with Soul Online Summit and asked for speaker applications. She received quite a few applications including my own and I was accepted. YAY! It felt guided to me as normally I wouldn’t have sent her the audio beforehand and for me to share this story too feels a bit guided. I believe having a business with soul is following what is right for you so I am really proud to be part of this great lineup of speakers, all speaking from the heart.


I’ve bought my VIP ticket because I know there’s a lot of great value from all the speakers and would love for you to join me. You can sign up here: Your Business with Soul Online Summit


  1. Your Business with Soul Online Summit