“You love people, don’t you?”

Yes, I do. I love working with people. Edson and I were talking about what drove us to offer the Create the Future you want series. It was interesting to see we had such similar reasons for wanting to do the work. 

Both of us love seeing growth, in ourselves and others. We both love generating ideas and seeing people get it, the moment when something clicks and they light up when they have these AHA moments. It is so inspiring to see people charged up and energized.

We’ve been through the journey ourselves. I can speak for myself that the more I get to know myself, the happier, more content and satisfied I feel and that’s what we want for everyone too. 

People that are attracted to the program are asking questions like why am I really here? What’s important to me? We start answering these questions together and they start gaining clarity with a direction to go in. Often they feel that they are doing something bigger than themselves. That’s how Edson and I see it too, we are guiding people on this journey helping them realise what they are capable of. 

The ripple effect goes into the family, work and community. When we are happy ourselves, we make happier parents, partners and kids. Taking it further, we contribute to a world that is driven by purpose, generosity and love. 

What are you working towards?

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